4 Endearing Zombie Characteristics

The deadhead characteristics we hold near and dear to our hearts.

4 Endearing Zombie Characteristics

Photo: Zombies. Courtesy of Mark Lobo / Flickr.


1. Heads Will Roll Off…

In John Shirley’s : “The zombie’s head exploded, black-red blood flying up and back to glitter in the sunlight before he fell, writhing in a second death.”


2. They Are In Touch With Their Emotions

As noted in an interview with Dr. Bob Curran: “Zombies may come back to advise, they may come back and see the people who they have missed.”


3. It Doesn’t Take Much To Drive Them Wild

In Bob Curran’s Zombies: A Field Guide to the Walking Dead, it is said that “if you feed a zombie salt, it throws it into a sort of spin or it loses control of itself.” Salt, brains . . . whatever makes them happy.


4. They Refuse To Die!

In John Shirley’s , zombies refuse to die quietly, just like this zombie girl: “Sawn through at close range by the eight gauge, the zombie’s upper half sagged one way, its lower the other, but it was still connected by entrails and flesh, still moving, trying to crawl toward them.”

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