A Tribute to Writer Eduardo Galeano

American editor Tom Engelhardt pays tribute to the famous Uruguayan author and journalist, who died today at age 74.

eduardo galeano

Photo: Eduardo Galeano Courtesy of Rafael Holanda Barroso / Flickr

Eduardo Galeano ended his history of everything, Mirrors, with these lines, “In my childhood, I was convinced that everything that went astray on earth ended up on the moon. But the astronauts found no sign of dangerous dreams or broken promises or hopes betrayed. If not on the moon, where might they be? Perhaps they were never misplaced. Perhaps they are in hiding here on earth. Waiting.”

I hope that, like the betrayed dreams he spent his lifetime recording and the voices of the oppressed and the bold that he retrieved so movingly from the discard pile of mainstream history to inspire the rest of us, Galeano, who just died, is still in hiding somewhere on earth, or even on the moon, waiting.

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