Andre Norton: “A Groundbreaker for Women in Science Fiction”

Authors share their love for the Grand Dame of Science Fiction on the eve of her namesake awards ceremony.

The 2015 Andre Norton Awards will be awarded this weekend for the best young adult science fiction and fantasy published in the last year. This year’s nominees are a lineup of bold and exciting works in the genre, and for good reason–the award is given in honor of one of the groundbreaking women in the field.

“People thought she was a man,” says fellow science-fiction author Todd McCaffrey of Andre Norton, born Alice Mary Norton. A science fiction writer who legally changed her name to better appeal to what was thought to be a male-dominated genre, Norton has been hailed as a trailblazer for women in the field.

“Andre Norton is probably the biggest groundbreaker for women in science fiction,” McCaffrey says.

As we celebrate this year’s Andre Norton Award, authors Simon R. Green, Paul Di Filippo, Liz Williams, and McCaffrey share their love for the worlds of this singular author.

“Her books were like a gateway drug,” says Di Filippo. “You could pick the book up, like if you had never read any science fiction before, and just … instantly fall in love with it.”

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