Are You a Kitchen Boss?

In honor of the James Beard Foundation Awards, test your own cookery knowledge with these terms from The Dean himself.

Are You a Kitchen Boss?

The James Beard Foundation Awards were last night, which got us thinking about our own kitchen mastery. While our soufflés may fall somewhat short of superb and our wine pairings are all too often at the mercy of our local bodega, the truth is that good food is about more than just prestige—it’s about a genuine love for all that goes in and out of a kitchen.

It’s a simple truth that no one understood better than the Dean of American Cookery himself. In his seminal James Beard Cookbook (available for download on Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble), he listed the essential cooking terms with which every amateur chef should be acquainted. Find out how many of the terms you know, and remember, as Beard wrote in his intro, “You may grow old, even ugly, but if you are a good cook, people will always find the path to your door.”

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