20 Beautiful Bookshelf Ideas for Your Home Library

Turn your book-hoarding problem into an interior design win.

For any book hoarder . . . er, book lover that is, the importance of a great bookshelf (or five) cannot be underestimated. Your books are a part of you; they are how you present yourself to the world and any guests you may invite into your home. Your books greet you from these shelves every morning, reminding you of how much you’d rather be snuggling up and reading. And they deserve the best displays possible.

Rather than feel the pressure from your roommate or significant other to hide away “all these books,” peruse our slideshow of the most inspirational bookshelf ideas on the Internet. Your home library will be well on its way to the pages of the swankiest home decor magazine, to be pinned away in everlasting, book-jealousy glory.

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