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Let Snoopy brighten your day with these 7 Peanuts comics.

Think back to a typical Sunday morning during childhood. If you’re anything like us, it went like this: You, some Crunch Berries, and the Funnies. Namely, captain of the thought bubbles: Snoopy.

Though technically a sidekick in creator Charles M. Schulz’s famous Peanuts strip, the scene-stealing regal beagle is who got us through every inevitable Charlie Brown rain cloud. Smiling.

Based on one of Schulz’s very own pups, Snoopy continues to captivate millions (his musings have even been translated into more than 21 languages since 1950) with his incessant positivity and dogged propensity for doing the happy dance. Even still at 65 (that’s 455 in dog years).

So in honor of the world famous author and his unflappable Joe Cool, here are seven Snoopy comics that will brighten your day.

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