Compliments of Susan Isaacs: A Mystery for the Suburban Sleuth

Compliments of a FriendSusan Isaacs began her career working in mysteries: the mystery of adolescent romance, that is. Her first writing job was giving advice to lovelorn teens for Seventeen magazine. Isaacs has since written critically acclaimed mystery novels, screenplays, and nonfiction pieces. Her most popular work is Compromising Positions, the first in a series featuring the incomparable suburban housewife turned sleuth Judith Singer.

When Isaacs became a mother, she chose to leave her position at Seventeen to be home with her children. Like her plucky protagonist, however, she rejected the typical suburban housewife routine. Instead, she began writing fiction and ultimately produced twelve New York Times bestsellers.

Amateur detective Judith Singer returns for her next case in Isaacs’s Compliments of a Friend. She has already investigated the murder of local dentist Dr. Fleckstein in Compromising Positions, and the disappearance of big-city transplant Courtney Logan in Long Time No See. Just when Long Island seems safe again, suburbia presents Judith with her most bizarre mystery yet.

In Compliments of a Friend, powerful businesswoman Vanessa Giddings falls into a coma while shopping for designer shoes at Bloomingdale’s, and dies. The official report indicates it was an act of suicide by drug overdose. But detective and local history professor Judith Singer suspects otherwise. She launches her own investigation, tracking the local gossip and picking up clues about Vanessa’s life, which was not quite as it appeared.

Was it really suicide? Could there be foul play? Follow Judith Singer into the suburban jungle of Long Island to find out!