5 (Affordable) Collectibles for Andy Warhol Fans

From pop-art sneakers to a special collection of books from The Factory, these Warhol-inspired pieces can be yours without an art auction bidding war.

Newsflash: You can own an Andy Warhol for less than $100 … sort of.

For spring 2015, Converse has released a collection of pop-art covered sneakers (in both high and low tops) that would look as natural in a museum display case as they would walking down the street.

And just like buying your first piece of art, they make you want more.

From an iPad case to a special collection of books straight from The Factory, these colorful, Warhol-inspired items are the perfect pieces for budding collectors.



Converse All Star Andy Warhol Collection ($35 – $90)

A blending of two pop culture icons, the collection features your favorite Converse sneaker designs with prints of one of Warhol’s most famous works: “Campbell’s Soup Cans.”

Lace up at Converse.


the factory book collection

The Factory Book Collection

This lively collection of memoirs, biographies, cultural criticism and fiction chronicles the world of Andy Warhol from its beginnings through his untimely death.

Put them on your reading list.


andy warhol tote

Uniqlo x MoMA Andy Warhol SPRZ NY ($15 – $90)

Tote your library gear in style with printed totes from the inventive Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo. The company partnered with MoMA on a collection of Warhol-inspired printed tees, jackets, and bags that make an ordinary outing a little more inspiring.

Even more to love: A portion of every purchase is given to The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Grab and go at Uniqlo.


Candy Darling

Beautiful Darling DVD ($16)

Candy Darling, one of Warhol’s most provocative and alluring Factory superstars, was born James Slattery. Darling identified with a female identity at a young age, and by her early 20s had transformed into the true star she was meant to be. Sadly, she died of lymphoma at 29, but her life is vividly remembered in this documentary film by writer and director James Rasin, told through interviews and excerpts from her diary.

Watch and be amazed.


andy warhol ipad case

Incase Warhol Tyvek Portfolio ($80)

Give your tablet a bright and shiny new look with a case emblazoned with another of Warhol’s masterpieces: “Brillo Box.”

Gear up at Incase.

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