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How Do You Spot A Regency Romance?

A checklist for spotting the romances derived from the novels of manners

Regency Romance

Derived from the work of Jane Austen, Regency Romances are a subgenre of romance novels, set in the time period of the British Regency during the early 19th century. Regencies are a distinct genre with their own stylistic conventions influenced by works like Pride and Prejudice, Emma and other works of fiction known as novels of manners. Want to know how to spot a Regency Romance? Here’s our checklist:

Historical accuracy and detail are a must. From dress to manners to daily activities—all must be accurate.

Social season activities run rampant. Typical events that occur in a Regency Romances include carriage rides, morning calls, operas, fancy dinners and lavish balls.

Marriages of convenience are common. Even though these stories are romances, many of the women are placed in marriages based on benefits or are avoiding such pairings.

Differences in social class are extremely common. Picture the rich Mr. Darcy and the poor Elizabeth Bennett.

Outfits are essential. The dress of the time, both for men and women—ball gowns, dinner dresses, riding get-ups and suits—all mirrored wealth and status.

Common plot elements occur. Keep an eye out for mysteries and farces. Maybe false engagements. There might be some mistaken identity.

For more Regency Romances check out the immensely talented Elizabeth Mansfield, known for her wide variety of Regencies!


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