Jane Austen Fans: Meet Your Match

We predict your next great read based on your favorite Austen character.

Jane Austen Fans: Meet Your Match

Matchmaking – like stormy weather, class disputes, and Lydia Bennett – runs rampant in Jane Austen’s novels. So we’ve decided to try our hand at this very Austen activity … but with books.



If you like: Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice

You’ll love: Author Gloria Steinem and her nonfiction essay collection Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions

Like Elizabeth, Gloria Steinem is strong willed, intelligent, and witty — as well as judgmental, in the sense that she assesses and critiques society from a feminist standpoint in her writing. Including essays such as an underground exposé entitled “I Was a Playboy Bunny” and an exploration of feminist theory in “Erotica vs. Pornography,” the collection reveals Steinem at her most provocative and her most compassionate.



If you like: Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

You’ll love: The Earl of Meriden from Amanda Scott’s romance novel The Dauntless Miss Wingrave

The Earl of Meriden is willful and arrogant, which becomes clear to beautiful Miss Emily Wingrave when she bravely attempts to stop him from meddling in her widowed sister’s estate. But in their battle of wits and wills, Emily learns just how well armed he is: His surprising charm and seductive techniques make her worry that she may very well be the one who surrenders in the end.



If you like: Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice

You’ll love: Lord Peter Wimsey from the mystery Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers

Blond, athletic, and chipper, Lord Peter Wimsey is the perfect model of a British gentleman. He is also a detective, solving murder mysteries during the Jazz Age. In Whose Body?, the first of Dorothy L. Sayers’s Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, he must figure out how a corpse, naked except for an incongruous pince-nez, could possibly have appeared in a suburban architect’s bathroom.



If you like: Emma Woodhouse from Emma

You’ll love: Jane Cleveland from Jane and Prudence by Barbara Pym

Jane, forty years old and a vicar’s wife, has a good heart and the best intentions. When her friend Prudence is about to turn thirty, Jane decides it’s about time Prudence got married. Like Emma Woodhouse, Jane determinedly takes matters into her own hands. Jane attempts to set her up with a widower, Fabian Driver. However, Prudence is interested in another man, and things get even more complicated when they realize there are other women who have their sights set on Fabian, too.



If you like: Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility

You’ll love: Cyrie in Emily Franklin’s young adult novel At Face Value

Like Marianne Dashwood, Cyrie is tangled up in a mess of unrequited love. Even though Cyrie is funny, smart, and athletic, she feels self-conscious about her big nose, which prevents her from confessing her feelings to Eddie “Rox” Roxanninoff. When Rox expresses interest in her best friend, Cyrie decides to help her friend win Rox over—a task that may be more than love-struck Cyrie can handle.


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