Lessons from Our Favorite (Literary) Teachers

A slideshow of lessons we learned from those in our favorite books.

Here at Feed Your Need to Read, there’s no shortage of praise for the great teachers who shaped our reading habits over the years.

Everyone has a favorite (or several). For me, there’s Mr. Gorsuch, who used to read Jon Scieszka’s satirical fairy tales aloud to the class and taught us to appreciate a little subversion in literature; or Mrs. McKendall, who started us on The Hobbit and instilled in us a lifetime love of Tolkien and world-building; or Ms. LoGiudice, who guided us through The Diary of Anne Frank and To Kill a Mockingbird, and taught us never to be afraid of a book that helps one grow.

Teachers are a huge part of the reason we become—and remain—readers. But they don’t stop at the classroom. In fact, some of the best teachers are found on the shelf. Herewith, teacher appreciation quotes from lessons in our favorite books and let us know who the teacher is who changed your life.

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