Making Laurie Colwin’s Fried Chicken

Open Road staffers make dishes from Laurie Colwin's classic Home Cooking.

Several of our staffers have been trying theirs hand at making dishes from Laurie Colwin’s classic Home Cooking. The “chefs,” seasoned and novice alike, will be sharing their experiences every Monday on the Open Road Media blog.

Step one: Prepare the fryer.

chicken fryer

Step two: Make a drink for chef.


Step three: Get the flour ready, paprika is key.

flour and paprika

Step four: Bread the chicken. Followed some motherly advice and double breaded it. Dip and bread, dip and bread.

breading the chicken

Step five: Laurie demands that you do not eat chicken right away. Let it sit.

chicken resting

Step six: Eat and be merry!

laurie colwin's fried chicken

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