Military Monday: Marines and Renegades

This week's Military Excerpt is from Former Marine Sargent, Gene Rackovitch. He used his experiences in Guam to tell the story of Marines and Renegades.

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This week’s Featured Military Excerpt is delivered in conjunction with our publishing partners at Warriors Publishing Group. Former Marine Sargent, Gene Rackovitch, uses his experiences in Guam to tell the story of Marines and Renegades.

It’s December 1945 and two Japanese soldiers attempt to surrender to a patrol of Marines. The Marines assuming them to be armed, shoot and kill them. Another Japanese soldier witnesses the incident from the jungle. Over time, his zeal for retribution becomes ingrained in his psyche.

In September of 1946 four Marines on a routine patrol seeking out renegade Japanese stealing from one of the out-lying villages, are ambushed and killed by the thieves. One of the participants is the zealous Japanese soldier who witnessed the earlier shooting incident. What happens next brings about a chain of events that leaves the reader wondering who the true renegades are, the Marines or the Japanese.

Marines and Renegades by Gene Rackovitch {Excerpt} by OpenRoadMedia

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