Military Monday: The File Series featuring Shake Davis

Dale A. Dye is an officer of the U.S. Marine Corps. who retired as a captain after twenty-one years of service. His FILE SERIES are masterful and dynamic.

Dale A. Dye is an officer of the U.S. Marine Corps. who rose through the ranks to retire as a captain after twenty-one years of service in war and peace.  He served two tours in Vietnam; was deployed to Beirut, Lebanon; and then served in a variety of assignments around the world. Retired in 1984—and unhappy with Hollywood’s treatment of the American military, he moved to California and established Warriors, Inc., the preeminent military training and advisory service to the entertainment industry. Dye has worked on more than fifty movies and TV shows, including several Oscar- and Emmy-winning productions such as Oliver Stone’s Platoon and HBO’s Band of Brothers.

And still, he found the time to write. . . multiple novels. Now, Open Road Media, in partnership with Warriors Publishing, has published the digital editions of Dye’s FILE SERIES featuring retired Marine Gunner, Shake Davis. If you enjoy the fast-paced, military-themed, counter-terrorism thrillers written by Jack Higgins, Stephen Coonts, and Jon Land, you’ll take an immediate liking to the “masterful” and “dynamic” FILE SERIES.

We caught up with Dye, and asked him to share with our readers his inspiration for Shake Davis.  Here’s what he had to say:

My Dad was a great storyteller.  Unlike many of his ilk who could mesmerize a large crowd as easily as they could the two guys on the barstools to their left and right, my Dad specialized in lengthy, detailed narratives with complex plots and recurring characters.  He could take a simple shaggy-dog story and turn it into an hour-long adventure tale so that his listeners hung on every word, every twist, turn and detail he related.  It must be genetic because I seem to be the same sort of writer and I’m always struggling to stay with the plot and avoid wandering off into details that interest me.

Maybe that’s why I’m such a big fan of the sprawling novels written by authors like Herman Wouk, Tom Clancy, and W.E.B. Griffin.  Of course, the fact that those guys tend to write military-themed stories adds to the attraction, but it’s not simply the genre that fascinates me.  It’s the way they hook readers on a single character, or a cast of characters woven through the basic plots.  Every story I read is like catching up with the adventures of someone I know, like a long-lost cousin or a miscreant friend.  I’m comfortable following along with old pals through exciting times.  That’s likely why I chose to copy the style when I wrote the first in a number of books that have become known as “The File Series.” 

Laos File, Pelelieu File, and Chosin File all center on the same character and all bring into the action a cast of supporting players that readers remember from previous tales.  The fact that the main character in the series is a retired Marine with a salty disposition and a vaunted combat record subjects me to the suspicion among some readers that the books are autobiographical.  To the extent that everything I write is colored or influenced by something I’ve experienced in my life, I plead guilty as charged.  Retired Marine Gunner Shake Davis is not me—but I often wish he was as I take him into and out of another life-threatening, world-shaking story.  I’m along for the exciting ride as much as I hope the reader is, so The File Series will march on until I get tired.         


Military Writers Society of America 2011 Book Award Winner

The death of a salty old senior noncommissioned officer who ran special operations in Vietnam leads Marine Gunner Shake Davis on a shocking and potentially lethal quest to find out what happened to hundreds of American POWs.



While searching for answers to World War II mysteries on the infamous island of Iwo Jima, retired Marine Gunner Shake Davis answers a call on his satellite phone. Soon he’s back in the counter-terrorism game and immersed eyeball-deep in desperate attempts to prevent a unique and very deadly biological warfare attack. His efforts to help thwart what could be a devastating threat to global populations takes him on a whirlwind journey, with stops at some of the most familiar battlegrounds of the Second World War, including the Philippines, Wake Island, and Peleliu. Shake is back . . . and this time he’s up against a ruthless enemy who wants to let the evil genie of germ warfare out of the bottle.


Nuclear saber-rattling in North Korea has created international palpitations and some unlikely partnerships in an effort to keep communist loose cannons from causing a war that no one wants and everyone fears. The CIA calls on clandestine contacts in neighboring China to run a dark—and wholly unauthorized—reconnaissance mission over North Korea from a top-secret drone base along the Yalu River. All is well and under international radar until Gunner Shake Davis’ best friend goes missing on a mission near the infamous Chosin Reservoir. It’s a high-stakes game and the clock is ticking as an international team of technical experts and military special operators launch a desperate search that culminates in a deadly confrontation.



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