National Hispanic Heritage Month: Mystery Roundup

Six mysteries with a distinctly Hispanic perspective

Mystery Roundup

National Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating. This year, we’re going out with a bang: Each of these six mysteries has a distinctly Hispanic perspective, whether that means featuring Latino protagonists or taking place in the wild borderlands or south of the border.

Borderlands by James Carlos Blake:
Seven stories and a novella from a master author of the American West.
These tales span centuries and continents, but the characters share a
common trait: They are citizens of the borderlands, from whence death is
the only escape.

The Little Death by Michael Nava: In the first book of the acclaimed Henry Rios Mysteries, a lawyer doggedly pursues a murder investigation into the lion’s den of San Francisco’s moneyed elite. Written by Michael Nava, a gay Latino California lawyer himself, The Little Death portrays a main character who, against all odds, works hard to insure justice for the downtrodden.

Do They Know I’m Running? by David Corbett:
Caught up in a scheme to smuggle his deported uncle back across the
border from El Salvador, a young American must fight to save his family,
himself, and the woman he loves. A gritty, realistic, and unforgettable
adventure where all borders are tested, Do They Know I’m Running? tightropes the perilous line between menace and hope, danger and home.

The Puzzle of the Blue Banderilla by Stuart Palmer: In the heat of a Central American summer, school teacher/sleuth Miss Withers investigates murder on the Mexico Express with her good friend Detective Oscar Piper. But before she disembarks from New York City, she only has one question: “¿Cómo se dice ‘murder’?”

Ride the Pink Horse by Dorothy B. Hughes: During Fiesta, three desperate men converge in a perilous New Mexico town. As Fiesta rages around them, these three men will circle one another in a dance of death, as they chase money, truth, and revenge. In this gritty tale of classic noir, mystery master Dorothy B. Hughes is at her best.

Blood of Paradise by David Corbett: In El Salvador, a young American faces his troubled past—and a dangerous present. Ten years ago, Jude’s cop father was outed as part of a group of police officers investigated for robbing and brutally beating drug dealers. Soon after, his father died under mysterious circumstances. Now, one of his old buddies, hiding out in El Salvador, is calling up Jude and asking for help. Is the disgraced cop being straight, or does the corruption go deeper than Jude could have possibly imagined?

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