Richard North Patterson and the Legal Thriller

Five controversial topics discussed and dissected unabashedly in Patterson’s novels.

If you like your novels steeped both in factual evidence and gripping fiction, then the controversial tales by author Richard North Patterson are for you. Each of Patterson’s law-savvy novels covers a different contested topic in American history – all of which are still incredibly relevant – and contested – today.

Below are five controversial topics discussed and dissected unabashedly in Patterson’s novels.

Women’s Rights

Protect and Defend deals with the election of the first female chief justice and her involvement in a lawsuit regarding reproductive rights. Patterson’s decision to create a novel surrounding women’s rights and heavily-debated topics like parental consent and abortion earned him a Maggie Award from Planned Parenthood for his vast knowledge and excellent execution.

Right to Arms

Balance of Power confronts the political divide on the heated topic of gun violence in America. Patterson’s thrilling and highly informed take on an extremely tense issue provides readers with both insight and excitement.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In the Name of Honor is the story of a lieutenant who turns against his fellow soldier and close friend, killing him and citing the trauma of war as his excuse. Has war truly broken the lieutenant’s soul, or is he taking advantage of countless other soldiers’ viable claims of PTSD?

Terrorism Politics

The Devil’s Light is an extraneously researched work delving deep into the world of espionage and depicting the potential for nuclear terrorism. Patterson’s story hits close to home: it focuses on an Al Qaeda plot to smuggle a nuclear bomb from Pakistan in an attempt to eradicate a densely populated Western city.

Capital Punishment

The Outside Man is a story of one man’s tireless quest to save a potentially innocent man from taking a seat in the electric chair. Will our protagonist be able to save the alleged innocent man in time to bring the real culprit to justice? Outside Man gets hearts pumping by the second page.

More about Richard North Patterson:

When he’s not at work on a new novel, Patterson can often be found speaking at rallies in Washington DC, raising awareness and speaking in support of women’s reproductive rights, speaking against gun violence and much, much more. The wide range of hot and heavily-debated topics taken on by the author has made him known as an established risk-taker – yet another reason why his books yield so much appeal, success and praise. Readers from People Magazine to President Clinton have heralded the unique blend of entertainment and insight found in the expertly-crafted novels of Patterson.

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