Jak Is Back

Jak is back! This time the solar system’s biggest party animal is plunged into a world of danger and intrigue beyond imagination, and he is forced to ask, “Where’s the party?”

John Barnes is the acclaimed science fiction author behind the Jak Jinnaka novels and has written over thirty novels in his career. Among his most popular works is the space thriller Encounter with Tiber, which he cowrote with astronaut-turned-author Buzz Aldrin. His novels Orbital Resonance, A Million Open Doors, and Mother of Storms have all been nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel.

In an interview with the website Hard Science Fiction, Barnes credits his mother as the main influence for his becoming a writer. He says, “My mother wrote . . . and so there was just never a time when I was unaware of writing as a possible way to exist.” As for the things that inform his writing, Barnes points to his frustrations with the simplicity of some of the science fiction works he read growing up:

“One thing I always thought was frustrating about Heinlein juveniles, for example, was that they tended to end just when they were getting good—right as everything opened up into a hopeless-to-interpret weirdsville. Asimov had that problem for me, too; once the intellectual puzzle he wrote about was solved, he put the pieces away. I guess I like to think about going one step farther behind the scenery, or sticking around for one more act.”

Barnes takes readers on a wild ride through weirdsville in the first Jinnaka installment, The Duke of Uranium. Jak Jinnaka’s thirty-sixth-century teenage life has been nothing but fun—ignoring school, partying outrageously with his beautiful girlfriend, Sesh, and spending his uncle Sib’s huge fortune. But while they are out for a wild night of postgraduation clubbing, Sesh is kidnapped by the dangerous and enigmatic Duke of Uranium.

Join the wildest party in the universe with Jak and the rest of the gang. Download The Duke of Uranium straight to your ereader now!