Pearls of Writing Wisdom

Below, are some literary pearls of wisdom from some acclaimed Science Fiction writers!

a) “I think it was C. S. Lewis who said, ‘Write the kind of story you would like to read.’ After you’ve finished writing whatever the work is, ask yourself, ‘Would I love this if I read it, not knowing who the author is?’ Answer honestly. If yes, you’re already halfway there. Now go back and rewrite it till it’s gold.” —Jonathan Carroll

b) “Aim to have a very clear vision of the scene after the one you’re writing. If you focus on that, the current scene will be brisker and get to a better conclusion.” —Ian R. MacLeod

c) “In each scene invoke at least three of the five senses, in ways that expand our vicarious experience.”—Tim Powers

d) “Keep writing. There’s nothing else to do and no other way to finish. Doesn’t matter if it’s no good. You can always edit it later and make it better, but you can’t make it better if it doesn’t exist.” —Sarah Zettel

e) “Finish something!” —Ian McDonald