Terror Tourism: Ghastly Creatures from Around the World

The terrifying creatures behind the most classic Halloween costumes!

It’s almost Halloween, a day of frights, ghastly creatures, and probably some candy. Read on to find books on the history and lore of zombies, vampires, and werewolves from all over the world. You’ll get some background on the terrifying creatures behind the most classic Halloween costumes!

The World’s Creepiest Places is not just a ghostly travel book. It’s for those who want to explore the weird, out-of-the-way locations of our planet and test the boundaries of the reality many of us take for granted. Dr. Bob Curran not only looks for ghosts, but also for sinister people, vampires, the living dead, doorways to other worlds—even venturing close to the Gates of Hell itself!

In the myths, legends, and folklore of many peoples, the returning, physical dead play a significant role. But what are the origins of an actual bodily return from the grave? Does it come from something deep within our psyche, or is there some truth to it? In Zombies, Dr. Curran explores how some of these beliefs may have arisen and the truths that lay behind them, examining myths from all around the world and from ancient times.

From earliest times, tales of the restless dead and their fellow travelers have terrified mankind. Encyclopedia of the Undead traces those shadowy entities—vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and monsters—that lurk just outside the range of human vision and inhabit our most frightening tales. In this book, history and terror mix to create the things that lurk in the darkest corners of our minds.

Vampires is a unique, lavishly illustrated work that explores the rich diversity of vampire belief and lore, looking at their historical origins and setting them in their cultural context.

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