The Coolest Person Born on April Fool’s Day

It’s a science-fiction author – and no, that’s not a joke!

The Coolest Person Born on April Fool’s Day

If you’re a science fiction reader, April Fool’s day was practically invented for your rollicking imagination to hoax, prank, and annoy your friends. Before you start this most HAPPY of days, however, don’t forget to thank the author that probably inspired you to pull that crazy UFO prank last year, an author who has inspired entire generations to read science fiction.

Because today is not just April Fool’s day – honest-to-goodness, pinky swear on the 73rdstar from the moon – it’s also this author’s BIRTHDAY. And that’s the absolute truth.

Of course, in honor of April Fool’s day we couldn’t possibly tell you exactly who it is — not even whether this author’s name is SAMUEL or Christopher, Samantha or Christina. And there is absolutely no way that his or her last name is DELANY. But if you still can’t figure out who’s birthday it is today, then the joke’s on you!

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