Meet Sherman Alexie

"That combination of perseverance and mystery is really who the Spokane Indians are."

“When you find a book about abuse or any topic of pain that you so identify with, I mean, it becomes the most reliable friend you can have because a book is always going to be there,” muses Sherman Alexie.

For the first time ever, National Book Award winner Sherman Alexie presents his iconic works in ebook form. An author, poet, and filmmaker, Alexie’s writings primarily focus on his Native American heritage and growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. “Overall, what I realize is that we’re poor people, and poor people worldwide are treated the same way,” notes the author. “I think that’s why my books end up being appreciated by so many different kinds of people—because they relate to the pain.”

Watch as this gifted writer discusses the ways of the Spokane Indian tribe and the allure of his incredibly popular books.

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