What is Steampunk?

The imaginative way of experiencing the Victorian area is so much more than a pop-culture phenomenon.

What is Steampunk?

Photo: Courtesy of Soulstealer Photography / Flickr

So you’ve seen clockwork jewelry and sepia pillow covers all over Etsy. Hoop skirts, gears, and airships on YA book covers. You keep hearing that word . . . “steampunk.”

What is steampunk, anyway?

Authors Simon R. Green, Kate Elliott, Ian R. MacLeod, Liz Williams, Todd McCaffrey, and Paul Di Filippo talk about the origins of steampunk literature, and how it has transformed into a whole world of accessories, cosplay, and fun. Learn how this fanciful way of looking at Victorian history has exploded into a pop culture phenomenon.

In the words of Jeff Mach, creator of The Steampunk World’s Fair, “Steampunk is a boundless world which begins in aspects of style, look, or concepts from around the Victorian era, and has no ending anywhere.”

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Want to dive headfirst into the world of steampunk? Take a look at the reading list from the video above:

The Steampunk Trilogy, by Paul Di Filippo

The Light Ages, by Ian R. MacLeod

The Labyrinth Gate, by Kate Elliott

Tales of the Hidden World, by Simon R. Green

Sorcery & Cecelia, by Patricia C. Wrede


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