Will You Go to Prom With Me?

These prom-ready characters from YA lit are worthy of sharing your limo.


Photo: Prom Courtesy of Sean McGrath / Flickr

Pin your boutonnieres and strap on your heels: prom season is here. Prom night is a definitive high school experience for many, which is why it’s such an important theme in young adult novels.

Which of these literary prom-goers would make the best date in real life? Here are our suggestions, with pros and cons to help you decide.


will work for prom dressThe Date: Quigley Johnson

The Book: Will Work for Prom Dress, by Aimee Ferris

Quigley’s best friend, Ann, proposes the Betterment Plan: the two girls will improve themselves and become the most desirable prom dates. Now Quigley is working to pay for prom, has one boy chasing her while she has eyes for another, and feels like the Betterment Plan is straining her relationship with Ann.

Con: Prepping for prom has left Quigley stressed.
Pro: Paying her own way shows determination and integrity.

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prom and prejudiceThe Date: Will Darcy

The Book: Prom and Prejudice, by Elizabeth Eulberg

As prom night approaches at Longbourn Academy, Lizzie Bennet inexplicably finds herself drawn to Will Darcy, despite his arrogance and standoffishness.

Con: His pompous attitude.
Pro: Can you imagine young Mr. Darcy in a modern day tux?

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Princess-in-PinkThe Date: Michael Moscovitz

The Book: Princess in Pink, by Meg Cabot

Princess Mia has a lot on her mind. Her grandmother instigated a city-wide busboy strike, which means the prom is possibly cancelled. Plus her boyfriend, Michael, expressed that prom isn’t really his thing.

Con: Michael doesn’t want to go prom (if there even is a prom).
Pro: If Michael’s in love, there’s still hope he’ll ask.

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img-prom-date_102510754308The Date: Margaret Dunne

The Book: Prom Date, by Diane Hoh

First Margaret finds a package containing the ruined prom dresses of the three most popular girls in school. Days later, she hears the screams of one of the girls as she plummets to her death at the bottom of a cliff.

Con: Someone is killing off prom dates, with Margaret as witness.
Pro: Margaret works at her mother’s dress shop, so she would definitely arrive at the prom in style.

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ask again laterThe Date: Heart

The Book: Ask Again Later, by Liz Czukas

At first, Heart plans to go to the prom with a group of friends. But when two different guys ask her to prom, she decides to flip a coin instead.

Con: A coin flip adds a lot of uncertainty for her prospective dates.
Pro: Who doesn’t love a good surprise?

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Prom Goer’s Interstellar ExcursionThe Date: Bennett

The Book: The Prom Goer’s Interstellar Excursion, by Chris McCoy

Moments after Bennett asks Sophie to go to the prom, aliens abduct her. With the help of musicians from space, Bennett chases after his dream girl through the universe.

Con: Anyone Bennett asks to prom might be scarily susceptible to alien abduction.
Pro: He’ll do anything to find his date.

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9780547577388_hresThe Date: Perry

The Book: Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick, by Joe Schreiber

Perry isn’t planning on going to the prom, but his mom makes him take their foreign exchange student from Lithuanian. What Perry assumes will be a drag evolves into a straight-up thriller, complete with a car chase and a heist.

Con: Perry would rather play a gig with his band than go to prom.
Pro: When adventure presents itself, Perry proves he’s up for the ride.

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